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Make cold-brew coffee is actually very simple, so they are very easily at home. The tools used were not as advanced as in making coffee at the coffee shop professionals. As well as serving coffee that not always is black, then a serving of coffee not using hot water. Because serving coffee with cold water is perfect when the weather is very hot. Based on an understanding of the coffee experts suggests that serves a cup of coffee using the method of cold brew can prevent coffee from the oxidation process by hot temperatures (from water). So, the flavor of coffee is extracted ever feels more whole and complete.

To get the best results, on this occasion we will be talking about how the best way to drink cold-brew coffee. Although the process of making it is said easily, but you should still pay attention to some things so that the coffee served remain delicious. Okay, here it goes.

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  1. Choosing the right coffee beans

We need to remember that the principle of cold brew method is soaking the coffee for hours. Then we recommend that you choose a coffee beans when soaked for hours will produce the character a delicious coffee when served. Recommendations: single origin coffees that light roasted with a fairly high level of sweetness.

  1. Save in special containers

Coffee made with cold brew method should be kept in place. It is intended to maintain the purity of flavor contained inside a cold brew coffee. Do not let us store the coffee in the container or bottles of salt, herbs or other who will eliminate the delights of coffee. We recommend you to use Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot.

  1. How long will cold brew coffee keep?

In fact, the coffee grounds are soaked with a long time inevitably feels will be more awful. For it is to create flavor coffee cold brew, then the ideal extraction time is 8-12 hours. To get the coffee with a low bitterness, keep the water temperature below 20 ° C. As Merlin, a culinary writer on the canal of renowned chef Britain Jamie Oliver, suggests using a 1: 8 ratio between cold brew coffee grounds to water ratio, so you can get the best and consistent results from your cold brew coffee.

  1. The right coffee beans grinding
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In the method of cold brew, the coffee will be soaked in a long time, so that the extraction process will last long. Then, before the coffee brewed with a cold brew method, preferably the coffee beans must be ground to level coarse. The coffee beans that are rolled too fine will make the taste of coffee that is too intense and strong. However, it is not a problem, if you have a taste like that.

  1. Don’t mix it with other materials

Actually, making a savory cold-brew coffee is quite complicated, it caused not a single origin coffee beans are all suitable for cold-brew coffee. We have to be smart to choose which coffee when made into cold-brew, then flavor or character it generates can be amazing. If we have a good instinct to determine the proper method in the savory cold brew, then it is impossible for us to add other ingredients, e.g. lychee syrup or sugar. It should not be done because it is damaging the purity of flavors on a cold brew coffee.

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