3 Choice Of Best Roasting Coffee House

Not only coffee machines and brew tools that can be used for home. But there is also a coffee roasting tool that can be used in the home. Especially for you who want to learn about how to roast coffee beans.

Hario Mini Roaster

This manual coffee grinder is spent by the Hario Company that is for you who are just starting to learn to roast coffee at home. Priced at a very economical price and can be used very easily. Hario Mini Roaster RCR-50 is one of the simple roasters that are intended for coffee lovers in order to roast their own coffee beans.

This simple tool is a simple toaster tool with an attractive design and of course easy to use because the roaster tool is operated manually. Interesting designs owned by this roaster tool one of them from the container made of anti-heat glass. These glass containers allow you to see the processes that take place during roasting coffee beans.

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster
Ikawa roasting machine is one of the most recent inventions that are also touted as the world's first digital micro coffee roaster. Its small size, simple and chic designed to make a roasting tool that has a capacity of 60 grams is suitable for anyone who crave fresh roasting coffee every day.

Even Chad Wang who is World Barista Championship 2017 uses Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster at the time of the competition. With this digital roaster tool you can easily roast coffee with just one button. For you who do not want to roast coffee beans manually, then Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is feasible for you to have.

Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster
If this coffee roasting appliance is certainly suitable for you who want to learn roasted or like to roast your own coffee beans at home. Its small size weighing 5.5 Kg is definitely suitable for personal use at home. How to use this tool is also quite easy, you just release the tube where coffee out and then put coffee into it. After that everything can be operated through the available buttons.

This tool also has a friendly price for your pocket, so it can be your consideration to have a coffee roaster with a capacity of 250 grams. Consisting of several color choices make Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster is a gorgeous roasting tool for you to use at home.

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