How To Use French Press Coffee Pot

If you want to get the delicious coffee everyone is talking about, then you should know how to use the French press. You will be amazed by the richness of taste, and the fantastic aroma you will get from the French press. However, to get that perfection, you need to master the correct technique to use the French press.

The French press is a home-based coffee maker from Europe. It is known as a coffee booster in Australia and New Zealand and a cafeteria on the British islands. Currently, the French press is losing little of its popularity, when compared to other coffee-making equipment. The espresso coffee machine and drops are very popular now. Recently, coffee-making equipment such as V60 and Chemex have replaced the role of the French press in many coffee bars. The French press is a very good device, and right now we have forgotten how great a cup of coffee is made with this simple device.

One reason the French press is losing its popularity is because it is often used incorrectly by coffee makers. With improper use of coffee, resulting in a bad taste of coffee. My goal is to show you how to brew coffee using this tool properly. I'll highlight some common mistakes people make. I'll also give you some pointers on how to explore new variants that suit your taste.

1. You must make sure the plunger and glass are clean. If you want you can rinse off the French Press base with hot water, and also use soap if you need it. It aims to keep the piling remains up, because it will give a bad impression to what you make next;
2. Fill the pot with hot water before brewing; this will help keep the coffee-making temperature during the brewing process;
3. Meanwhile, grind your favorite coffee beans with a quality bur-grinder. The size of the grinder should be rough for clear cups;
4. Take out the hot water and put 3 tablespoons of ground coffee into the bottom of your French Press;
5. Pour hot water, (194-200 ° F) into a glass pan. Add a quarter of the last volume later, and stir water and coffee with a wooden spoon or spatula. Do not use a metal spoon, because it can destroy the glass due to thermal shocks;
6. Pour remaining water and stir again;
7. Place the plunger over the pot and push it slowly to make contact between coffee and water;
8. Make sure the lid cover closes the French press's mouth to maintain the water temperature;
9. Wrap the pot with a towel to add insulation; this helps keep the coffee hot;
10. Let the coffee squeeze for about 4 minutes;
11. Push the plunger slowly, down to the bottom of the glass;
12. Lift the lid to open the spout, and pour.

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