How To Make Coffee From Ground Beans

I have an acknowledgment. My day did not start until I drank my first cup of coffee. Until that happens, I'm a zombie who wants to get down to that first cup. Caffeine keeps me away with my day. Not just caffeine alone. It's a habit, a ritual that I experience every morning that gives direction to my day.

Sometimes, however, I find myself waking up in a place without a coffee maker. Could be in a friend or family place that does not drink coffee, or when camping. It even happened in my own home recently, when Chemex glasses were torn down and falling apart. This is the worst feeling.

Thankfully, coffee can still be brewed without a coffee maker. After all, people drink coffee before electricity. It's actually surprisingly easy to make great coffee without a coffee maker. All you need is freshly baked coffee, grinders, hot water and cups. If you have a filter, throw it in the mix as well.

The Importance of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
Although you do not need a coffee maker, you still need freshly roasted coffee beans. The quality of a cup of coffee is largely determined by the quality of coffee used to make it, and nothing better than freshly baked beans. The taste of a cup of coffee is about 80 percent aromatic, which subside as coffee ages. If coffee is long waiting after baking, coffee will taste stale. In other words, fresh coffee makes the best coffee.

Try to use roasted coffee in the last two weeks, and you'll enjoy a nice cup of delightful aromatic coffee. If you hit the road or go camping, pack your whole bean coffee with you - it does not take much space!

The Need for Coffee Grinder
You also need a coffee grinder, so you can grind the beans and release all the aromatics. Even in the early days of drinking coffee in Western Europe, coffee had just been ground. In a letter to his elder brother Cassandra, Jane Austen wrote of her upcoming brother's visit: "It's rather rude to suggest housekeeping to a housekeeper, but I'm just trying to say that the coffee factory will be wanted every day while Edward in Steventon, because he always drinks coffee for breakfast. “The letter was until 1799, when tea was still the most common drink. Interestingly, Jane Austen asked for a coffee mill (grinder), but she did not mention the coffee maker.

Today, you cannot ask the housekeeper to give the mill when staying at someone else's house, so it's a good idea to pack your own roller. The two manual grinders I like are Hario Mill and Porlex Mini. Both are burr grinders, so they will produce good and consistent milling, and the colors are relatively compact.

End Material: Hot Water
Finally, you still need hot water, just under boiling. Coffee should be brewed with water that is between 195 and 205 ° F, as this is the best temperature range for removing solutes from coffee grounds. In this range, the water will not burn the land, but will attract flavor and aromatics.

You do not need to check your water temperature with a thermometer. Who carries thermometers around anyway? Boil only water and let stand for 30 seconds. Any tool with a handle can be used as a kettle to heat water. There are two ways to make coffee without traditional coffee. The method you want to use will depend on whether you have a filter. With filters, you can create emergency bursts. If you do not have a filter, an immersive drink, similar to the French press, will work best.

Use the Saucepan Method
If you have limited inventory, this option may be appropriate for you. By using the basics of the kitchen, you can brew a cup of coffee or even a cup of coffee right on your stove. What you'll need is:
-  Coffee grounds
-  Water
-  Small pot
-  Spoon
-  Mugs

How to do:
1. Pour the air into your saucepan. Use a little more water than the amount of coffee you want because you will lose some of it until it boils and soak it to the page;
2. Stir the coffee powder directly into the air. Use the same amount of water you use for your use;
3. Set the stove to medium-high and bring coffee to boiling. Stir occasionally to draw the share at the bottom of your frying pan;
4. Boil your coffee for up to two minutes;
5. Remove the pan from the heat and leave it for four minutes. This allows the reason to settle at the bottom. Do not forget to turn off the stove;
6. Use a spoon to scoop the brewed coffee into your cup, without taking any reason. A small spoon is perfect for this. If you do not have the same, you can pour coffee from your pot very slowly. The base is heavy and most will remain at the bottom.

Use Strainer Method
If your coffee maker does not have a filter, you're in bad luck, and you may need to travel to the grocery store. However, if you happen to have a filter, everything will probably be fine for you.

But not all types of filters can do it. Make sure you use a filter with a very small hole, like a double-mesh filter, which will prevent your coffee powder from entering the cup. What you will need is:
Coffee grounds;
-  Water;
-  Small pot;
-  Spoon;
-  Mugs

How to do:
1. Pour water with the right size for the number of cups you want and pour it into a kettle or pan;
2. Add the correct amount of coffee powder to the number of cups you need. Then Stir;
3. Take boiling water and let stand for two minutes;
4. Remove the pan from the fire.
5. Hold your mesh sieve over the cup and pour the coffee into it. The filter will filter out the coffee powder that comes out of the pot, as the coffee flows into your cup. Unlike the pan method, you will not get to wait the additional time for your grounds to settle as a result of your victimization of the filter.

Next time you wake up and there is no coffee maker available, do not worry. It does not have to be a difficult morning. People brew good coffee for centuries before the coffee maker was mediocre, and this is easy to do. Just follow the steps above, and you will have a delicious morning and full of coffee.

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