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The coffee machine is basically divided into two main devices: filters and espresso. The filter machine is the part that drips hot water through the ground coffee beans, resulting in a strong traditional coffee aroma and rich flavor. Using a thermos or heating plate, the filtering machine is the easiest way to brew a large amount of coffee quickly and keep it warm. This makes it ideal for coffee supplies on the go, or for dinner parties.

When most people think of a coffee machine, an espresso machine is the only thing that's on their minds. This is the kind of device to wake the soul of a barista within you because with this tool let you eject your own espresso. All of these machines have the same method of pushing high-pressure hot water through compressed coffee grounds, creating a distinctive espresso: a small, rich glass of coffee (about 30-35ml on average) with a frothy crema on top.
Espresso is, in fact, the basis for all the types of coffee you get at local coffeehouses, including Americano, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato.

Which Coffee Machine Should You Buy?
Traditional espresso machines provide the most authentic experience because they are operated in the same way as machines in coffee shops. One of them, you do it all yourself, using your ground coffee powder manually. So it takes a while to learn the required skills, but you can get better results and be more consistent with traditional machines. The steaming milk is all also done manually, using the steam rod that you put into the glass.

For your convenience, the bean-to-cup machine is a great choice. This machine is able to grind, condense and produce espresso with just one touch of a button. In other words, you do not need to learn new skills just like using a manual machine, but you'll still get the original coffee bean shopping experience like fresh coffee beans used. The largest bean-to-cup machine can automatically remove milk and foam; The cheaper models have manual steam sticks so you can foam yourself.

But are you serious about coffee? Well, in this case, you cannot work with an ordinary coffee machine, right? In an emergency, surely you will use the French press, but to present a faster and more practical coffee you would want a super-automatic espresso and cappuccino maker. If so, here we present some options for super-sophisticated personal coffee machines that can be stored at home.
One interesting thing is that these machines are capable of performing all the stages in the process of making coffee - even they are able to grind the coffee beans first before heading to the brewing process. With these machines, you will get a very flavorful cup of coffee that stores all the best flavors.

Gaggia Anima

A bean-to-cup machine that does everything for you, but in its use, there is a bit of cheating sensation. Yes, with Gaggia Anima, you will get the best experience making coffee from both dimensions: automatically pouring espresso, but the steam rod is controlled by you over coffee mixed with milk.

Anima is able to make consistent and good quality coffee. The Lungo Espresso mode is almost a favorite of every barista, producing a delicious and balanced cup of coffee, while the plain espresso mode produces 40ml smaller shots with a slightly nuanced texture of syrup. More specifically, espresso tends not to use extraction, so it will lose some rich flavors at the end of the shot. It is possible to adjust both modes to produce between 10ml and 230ml of coffee, however, so there is a looseness to get the balance between the two, depending on your personal taste.

If you prefer the type of cappuccino, the steam rod owned by Anima may be a bit annoying: it is rather short and does not have much movement. This means you need to pull the machine a bit out on the table to be able to see your steaming process. As we would expect for a single boiler design (Anima has one kettle to supply hot water to boil and make coffee), Anima takes a while to build the steam.

If you're looking for a nice bean-to-cup machine, but still want a bit of manual control on the end, then Gaggia Anima is the right machine for you to buy.

Melitta Caffeo Barista TS 

High-capacity coffee machine to serve almost any process in the coffee-making process. Thanks to the automatic milk foam function, Melitta Caffeo Barista TS makes a cup of coffee with great detail as well as a good manual machine. Its dual-hopper lets you use two different types of coffee beans, so you can create a variety of configurable coffee recipes that give you plenty of room for your experiments.

Simple touch controls and bright LCD screens help you process your copies simultaneously, and if you do not like the default options, then you can switch to manual mode in the menu system. several different choices of coffee making methods allow you to give a different cup of coffee to every member of the family, equipped with a slick and high-quality finish.

So far, this tool is very good, equipped with a pretty good out-of-the-box setting. However, to really get the best results, we recommend creating some settings. First, you can set the grind from coarse to fine, using the switch you access by removing the water reservoir. The grinding machine has a big impact on the final shot of espresso, with better grinding time will improve the retrieval time and make the coffee taste stronger. Need to test some settings to get your ideal results.

If you have enough money to buy all these conveniences, then Caffeo Barista TS should you have.

De’Longhi Latissima Pro

This Nespresso machine is an absolute choice in making coffee pods. The main features of this machine are the fresh milk jug and its automatic foaming function, which is a device usually found in large bean-to-cup coffee machines. It also has an impressive 19-bar pump pressure that you can adjust to the amount of milk, froth and coffee for each cup.

You might think that a capsule coffee machine would produce the same flavor compared to a similar pod machine, but you would be very wrong. Coffee flavor generated from the same Nespresso capsule will feel very different depending on water temperature, flow rate and pressure.

High pressure pumps indicate that the machine is fast - with this tool it takes only 25 seconds to make coffee and 40 seconds for steaming milk. Because this is a pod machine, so it is very easy to use for you beginners though. The quality of the coffee produced is also very good.

The Latissima Pro, however, produces some of the best Nespresso coffees ever tasted.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Barista

Sage created by Heston Blumenthal Oracle gives you everything you need to keep your barista's soul satisfied. It's a traditional espresso machine, but it's complete with an integrated grinder which means you do not have to worry about buying a separate unit.

Instead, you simply press a button to grind the coffee beans directly into the filter basket, tamp, then press another button to remove the coffee liquor. It takes a bit of practice to get everything done right, but when you do, it's capable of producing amazing espresso every cup. Thanks to the easy-to-configure and easy-to-use steaming function, so the process of foaming milk for all kinds of steeping coffee is very easy to do.

With the right balance of bitter, sour and sweet notes, in addition to the beautiful consistency, Barista Touch produces better espresso than many other coffee shops complete with coffee machines. And most importantly, the coffee produced by this machine is much better than the more expensive bean-to-cup machine.

If milk-based coffee is more of a choice, then Barista Touch will not disappoint you. Simply fill the milk jug between the minimum and maximum marks, input the steam stick, and press the button. The results are excellent, the microfoam flows with the right consistency to produce a great latte or cappuccino. If you've ever tried to make a latte art with your hands, but it's hard to get the milk consistency properly, then here's your chance. 

Oracle looks fantastic in accomplishing its task of making the perfect coffee. This is one of those coffee machines that you should gladly have and display for everyone to see. The price is a bit expensive, but if you want a high quality coffee dish in a simple package, then there is no other choice.

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