Saeco MC 2002

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Saeco Grinder with the type of MC 2002 is actually a long-standing model that is sold with a price range of 130-150 dollars and I think the shape is more trendy.

This grinder uses burr blades, a term where the blade’s eyes are in a circle with serrations at the edges.

In contrast to the usual piasu eye types such as Braun, burr is more consistent in producing coffee powder, meaning the coffees produced equally between subtlety or roughness. The blade is 43mm in diameter, as an overview of the commercial grinder for 58mm-sized coffee shops like Mazzer Mini or Gino Rossi, 62mm in size.

Materials used are black and white plastic with a weight of 2.7kg and use 150 watts of power. There is only one on/off control located next to the grinder and must be operated manually.

Saeco MC 2002 has a bean or hopper bean storage area that can hold up to less than a quarter of a kilogram. It is advisable not to meet the container of this coffee beans, just enough just to keep coffee fresh.

There is a fine arrangement of coarse-grain coffee below the storage of coffee beans numbered 1 to 15 with a total of 30 settings that can be adjusted as needed. Saeco designed the switching setting with a click and had to use two hands to keep the settings from changing easily.

The coffee shelters can be removed by pressing the buttons on the side of the machine and not difficult to do. When the engine is turned on the sound is quite smooth and coffee beans fast enough in the process in a burr knife.

Only a few moments of coffee powder has entered the coffee container in accordance with the settings you set.

Saeco coffee grinder is certainly worthy of use for everyday purposes at home where the need for coffee only limited to 2 or three times. However, it is possible to use it in small cafes, but it should be considered that a small grinder like Saeco will work harder if the traffic is crowded.

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