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This is Baratza Vario from Mahlkönig, a big name quality grinder manufacturer other than Mazzer who has experience for 80 years. If possible, Mahlkönig, it’s like his Mercy car in the world of coffee grinder, quality as well as classy, ​​lifetime ownership, despite the exorbitant price. But unlike the other ranks of the grinder, Westza Vario marketed at a relatively affordable price for those who want to get a grinder coffee grinder commercial grinder.

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This grinder attracts attention because its shape is like a rocket and do not try to lift it, 44 kilograms !. With a 120mm blade, this heavy worker Mahlkönig lightly grinds a cup of coffee in the blink of an eye. Perhaps since that time Mahlkönig has begun to perch on my head as a next wish list, which is somehow realized.

Back to the small funny little Vario grinder, his face inherited a large family from the Maia type Maestro to Vituoso. Almost all types always get positive reviews as a reliable domestic grinder. Below are some interesting things from the Vario grinder:

First, the Vario comes with a micro and macro adjustment where users can fine-tune any selected settings. For example, the selected setting is for the “drip coffee” located on the right (macro), but we can also adjust the rough drip coffee setting by shifting to the top for finer and lower for more coarser, this is called micro adjustment. As far as I know, only Vario has a system like this.

Secondly, this is one coffee grinder equipped with a ceramic burr where the majority of the coffee grinder is equipped with a hardened steel knife. According to the company that makes it, the ceramic material can hold twice as long as the burr or blinder grinder of steel. Ceramics are also more functioning insulators or do not transfer heat when there is a coffee grinding process than with a regular blade. But behind the excess, ceramics are certainly more expensive and I do not know what happens to the burr if the coffee beans tucked small rocks as the motor rotates.

Third, in addition to being equipped with a platis container as a doser, Vario also has a portafilter holder that is made in such a way that the handle does not have to be always held. Up here, I’m interested in Vario.

Vario has a bean hopper that can hold coffee as much as 275 grams according to spec, but when I try, 250 grams is the ideal capacity. The electronic panel is quite intuitive or easy to operate with a light touch where users can use manual or volumetric or automatic mode.

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As mentioned above, there are three grind settings contained in the macro adjustment: Press, Filter, and Espresso. These three options can still be adjusted its settings with the bead-down the micro adjustment lever on the left side. Malkonig seems to accommodate the needs of baristas with hundreds of settings by combining micro and macro adjustment.

Prepare the coffee and plug it into electricity and the led light starts flashing, Vario ready to use either manual or automatic way. For manuals just select the settings for both the french press (bottom) drip (center) and espresso (top). Once ready, press the “start” button and the coffee is milled by Vario with a very smooth sound because this product uses a timing belt system. Twenty grams of ground beans are milled for about 18 seconds, that’s the temporary result I get from this small grinder.

In manual mode, the led display will function as a stop watch and keep running until we press the “Start” button again. This happens when the coffee is being ground. Well, this will make it easier when we set volumetric with attention to how long milling time, say for 20 grams coffee. That time we can make reference to automatic mode. So when we set “Preset Grind Time”, the user can enter the number by pressing the button located just below the display. For easy, just look at the photo below that I have given caption.

I do not have to comment on the quality of this product when I see the coffee milling from Vario even though just a few times using it. Mahlkönig’s big name behind the product seemed to have confirmed that Vario’s serious toy despite its shameful adjoining with giant Anfim Caimano.

So are you interested in this type of Vario Mahlkönig? I am sure if the answer is positive.

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