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Enjoyment in drinking coffee must have been felt by everyone. Not even a few who also consume regularly. Coffee is not just to make the drinker can be literate all day, now coffee has become part of the lifestyle. But the benefits of coffee was not only can be felt by drinking it.

There are other benefits that can also be utilized from coffee grounds. For most people, coffee grounds are only considered waste. After having finished a cup of coffee, the average person will make the coffee pulp. But did you know that coffee grounds have good benefits for skin health? Even coffee grounds are also known as one of the most important beauty products today.

The secret that is contained in coffee is the content of Caffeine which was able to give a lot of influence for skin and facial conditions. Caffeine will work directly on the blood vessels that are under the skin also work on the layers of skin cells to help keep it moist by getting the water supply from the body and help it more healthy and free from inflammation safely.

  1. Skin exfoliation
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The carbon content contained in coffee along with caffeine will help remove impurities that are confined within the pores and able to remove dead skin cells that still attach to the skin. The benefits of this exfoliating coffee have been corroborated by research in 2007 by the University of Rio de Janeiro.

You can use coffee as a mask by mixing black coffee powder with warm mineral water or with essential water such as rose water or lime juice. Apply on and let stand for 15 minutes before cleaning. Or you can also make coffee as a scrub by combining coffee with coconut oil or olive oil.

The superiority of coffee with the exfoliating method helps the damaged skin become elevated and healthy skin under the damaged skin will appear. So the skin will look brighter, stains on the face will fade, and reduce pigmentation and dull skin complaints.

  1. Overcoming early aging
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Based on the understanding of Dr. Whitney Bowe from Advance Dermatology PC Research, coffee cures that can help energize and improve skin texture. Caffeine found in coffee has the ability to absorb the water toward the surface of the skin so the skin will appear more moisturized. The skin is gaining a lot of water supply is usually more resistant than those effects that can cause premature aging. Especially in copies the content of a good anti free radicals to help lift the toxin causes of aging.

  1. Remove cellulite naturally
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Coffee is able to break down layers of fat under the skin and help attract a lot of water to help melt the fat to flow into the disposal. Usually after the therapy, you will be more urine and your feces will be more fluid than usual, sometimes accompanied by a slightly pale color. Cellulite removal procedures it can be said to be almost identical with coffee body scrub method. At this stage you should mix the coffee with coconut oil or olive oil until it becomes a thick batter. Then apply it evenly on the body that owns the cellulite and do massage subtly and quite strong until there arose a sense of warmth. A sense of warmth that appears indicative of coffee against the reaction layer of fat under the skin. The benefits of coffee for natural cellulite removal have been strengthened through research by Univesity of Sao Paolo in 2008 and other research developed by University Rio de Janeiro.

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