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If you are a clerk in an Office and should provide the coffee quickly, then the presence of the right coffee maker will certainly be of great help in serving coffee to a number of guests. In addition to giving the ease in provisioning process coffee, coffee maker can also save you time for other work soon.

Many of the factors that turned out to be the material considerations before buying a device for brewing coffee. Most practical of course enough ready-made coffee brewed with hot water from the dispenser. If this is the choice, then the issue is finished up here. But if you want to give the sensation of a more delicious coffee, some tips below are expected to help the right choice.

Budget, the place, the Operator and the number of guests is the thing to watch out for in advance, since not all offices have a luxury and budget for just a coffee maker. Except, if you own a boss of the company and has the right to determine what tools that will be purchased. Prepare also a special area for coffee equipment to be used, can be placed in the pantry or in the boardroom. Below some choice coffee tool considerations for you as a preliminary guide to selecting the appropriate coffee for your Office.

Coffee Capsules

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The important guests who came to the Office worthy of the presence of this tool, in addition to the most practical and anyone can operate it. Turn it on, wait a minute then input 1-2 the coffee capsules into the machine and any Cup of coffee are served. For this type, the tool that I recommend is the Nespresso Pixie machine. Espresso machine that brings this capsule systems rely on practicality and trying not to sacrifice “quality” coffee served. Certainly the small engine that weighs only three pounds is not intended for commercial purposes, but for many domestic class placed in hotel rooms to resort the US is one of the facilities for the convenience of guests.

Coffee Maker

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This tool is not difficult for us to get at the grocery store with prices that are not too expensive. Prepare this tool in your Office often guest arrival 3-8 people. Please choose your preferred brands and prices approved by your supervisor and do not forget to set up the filter paper while some brands are not in need of a coffee filter. But there is one brand that is already accredited by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) namely Bonavita 8 Cups Brewer. Then there is also another brand with a good quality, namely Kitchen Aid Pour Over Brewer which also recommended because it has the best design from Sweden.

Coffee Urn

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This tool is a kind of coffee dispenser in the form of hot water boiler with coffee powder on the top. For the Office often hold meetings or training with attendance of more than 20 people for example are very suitable to use this tool. Bravilor Bonamart is the only coffee urn that recommended as the reference material for anyone who wants coffee specialties in large numbers.

Manual Brewing

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Another option that you can use is to provide coffee manually. No problems using tools such as the Chemex or Pour Over when you can show off the science of making coffee in front of your guests and make communications more smoothly with guaranteed potential clients. Aren’t we all could be demonstrating how to make coffee with these tools? If guests are present only 1 or 2 people, coffee maker without electricity it can still be used. But, I do not recommend you to use the coffee maker manual when you suddenly have to prepare coffee for the purposes of meeting which was attended by more than 10 people.

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