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You already know how to make coffee with french fresh method and how extraordinary the flavor of coffee produced from this method. But are you convinced that you are a french press expert? No need to worry, let’s improve our french press knowledge together and ask yourself: what is the best coffee to use for french press?

The majority of the coffee brewers hesitated when asked about what is the best coffee for a french press. Recommending coffee to someone can be a very difficult task. This is because everyone has different tastes and coffee preferences. However, once again you should not be afraid that we will discuss this together.

The first thing you should notice is do not ever buy pre-ground coffee when you choose coffee to use for the french press. Because, french presses require a special grind that is much coarser than what a typical coffeepot uses, which is what pre-ground coffees are intended for. French press requires coarse-grinding because coffee extraction depends on maximum surface area for water to interact with coffee. It also allows the coffee beans to release carbon dioxide gas very well during the brewing process, thereby increasing the flavor of coffee.

Freshly ground batches make sure that your coffee retains as several tasteful oils as doable, that improves the taste. Grinding beans too way ahead causes these oils to interrupt down and may result in stale or bitter coffee. The ideal solution is to buy a (high quality) Burr grinder like The Baratza Virtuoso and grind the coffee on each press before use. But if you want to spend a little money, we recommend you to buy Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill. However, if you still want to save money, come to the local coffee shop are happy to custom grind whole beans purchased at their establishment. Then tell the barista there that you need coffee for the french press and they will know exactly which setting to grind it on.

Actually the context of choosing the right coffee beans for the french press is simple, the main requirement is good and quality coffee beans. Making a good french press has little to do with what kind of coffee you choose (eg American beans or African coffee beans). In other words, when you can make a good french press with Guatemalan coffee the result will be the same if using Brazilian coffee, because the quality of the french press depends on the roughness of the ground coffee beans. Art in making french press is in the process of grinding coffee beans. Like other types of coffee drinking methods, an essential component of a good cup of french press is freshly baked high-quality coffee beans. If possible, select the coffee you can buy directly from the roaster, to ensure freshness and quality.

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