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A quality coffee grinder will certainly make the taste of this drink more enjoyable. Unfortunately, price constraints and availability of coffee grinders in some coffee equipment suppliers are quite limited. This grinder also uses a burr type knife, a coffee grinder system that will produce quick coffee powder with consistent results. Do not worry, if the price becomes an obstacle and we only use for home purposes, the grinder with the type of knife or blade is quite capable of producing brake-like brake as I have this Braun Aromatic.

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A coffee grinder is an important component if we want to seriously enjoy coffee right. An expensive espresso machine is less able to work optimally without the support of a quality grinder. A good coffee grinder can adjust the fine or rough size so that an espresso machine can produce an appropriate extraction time, such as 30ml (1 fluid ounce) with approximately 23-25 ​​seconds.

Buying coffee powder is practical, but if used on an espresso machine there will usually be two possibilities, under extraction or the flow of water from the engine flows faster because the coffee powder is less smooth, the second over extraction or slower, sometimes even compressed because the coffee is too smooth .

Not just for an espresso machine, the grinder will also be very useful when we adjust (setting) the coffee grounds with the tools used. French Press, and Moka Pot, certainly require a rather coarse coffee powder, Turkish Coffee demanded a smoother coffee powder than an espresso machine.

Of course the grinder is also useful in maintaining freshness of coffee as compared with the powder, coffee beans is relatively longer in maintaining the aroma. So if the budget is enough, it is recommended to buy a coffee grinder that is not like me, but that uses a conical burr grinder system.

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Braun is one of the companies that produce coffee grinder for home use in addition to other brands on the market such as Krup. I’ve been using this tool for about five years, and during this time Braun has been faithful to accompany me to produce fragrant coffee regardless of some of his weaknesses.

One of the disturbances of the blade system grinder is the consistency that the resulting powder is often uneven in addition to the heat generated and is feared damaging the aroma of coffee. The static electricity generated by the tight rotation of the blades that comes into contact with the coffee beans makes the powder stick to the lid and unwillingly back down. But over time I was able to overcome this weakness by tapping the top so that coffee fell back and milled by the knife.

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It does not take long to grind coffee, usually less than half a minute I’ve got the desired result. The longer we use this tool then we will be trained to feel the smoothness of the desired coffee powder, knowing the setting relies on the five senses of taste and our eyes.

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