Does Your Spa Ozone Generator Need Replacement?

Sustaining clear and clear spa water generally is a problem for even essentially the most skilled spa proprietor. Most spas are constructed with an ozone generator which works with chlorine to create crystal clear water that’s protected, sanitized, and readily fulfilling. But, what occurs once you discover your water chemistry out of stability and your water cloudy? It is perhaps time for an ozonator alternative.

Why Do You Want a Spa Ozone Generator?

Your ozonator performs an enormous function within the high quality of your spa water. As ozone is injected into the spa water, it provides an a variety of benefits:


  • Ozone kills 99.9% of all viruses and micro organism.
  • Ozone reduces the necessity for chemical substances by as much as 90%.
  • Ozone breaks down oils, cosmetics and human contaminants.
  • Ozone water purification is 200 occasions extra highly effective than chlorine.
  • Ozone doesn’t give off the chemical odor usually present in swimming pools and spas; in reality, it breaks down the byproducts of chlorine and bromine that do trigger such odors.
  • Not like conventional chemical substances that may trigger pores and skin and nasal irritation, ozone doesn’t.
  • An ozonated spa requires fewer water drainings than a spa with different sanitizing chemical substances.


The right way to Inform if It Is Time to Exchange Your Ozone Generator:

Determining for your self in case your ozonator wants alternative shouldn’t be so simple as you may count on. Some folks will let you know to search for an “on” mild or “test for bubbles” and, for positive, these checks could assist you decide if the ozonator is on, however it would not essentially let you know if the ozone generator is producing ozone. A spa ozone generator could hold operating lengthy after it expires (stops producing ozone) so you have to to take a look at different components apart from simply energy to the ozonator.

Assuming your ozonator has energy, the secret is figuring out whether it is producing sufficient ozone to be efficient. When an ozone generator is close to its expiration the ozone ranges it produces will not be excessive sufficient to maintain your water feeling and looking its finest.

Ask your self:


  • Does your water feel and look like new? With a working ozonator and the right chemical stability, it ought to.
  • Do you end up regularly upping the quantity of chemical substances you employ in an try to repair your water high quality? That is typical of spas that want an ozone generator alternative.
  • Are you having bother balancing your water chemistry? Including chemical substances could add to the issue.


Have you ever changed your spa ozonator prior to now three years? If not, it is doubtless it’s expired. Ozone turbines usually final three years.

What’s Subsequent?

If, after answering these questions, you suppose you may want a brand new ozono generatorius in your spa, it is best to name a technician who can carry out an ozone check and suggest the correct unit. Then again, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and comfy with changing your personal spa ozonator, discover one at a web based retailer like Sizzling Tub Works or at your native spa seller.


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