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To enjoy a relaxing weekend, it would be nice to try one of those cold coffee recipes called Easy Iced Coffee Latte. As the name suggests, how to make and the material used is simple, let’s see

Necessary materials:

Coffee, Ice cube tray (ice cubes in the refrigerator), Fresh milk, Cream, Whipped cream (optional), Cold brew coffee (optional).

How to make:

  1. Brew your coffee with the usual methods you do. If you like the pour over method, go ahead. If you like the method Aeropress, French press and so on, also up. The coffee beans that you want to use also return to your individual taste. However, the sweetness of coffee beans greatly determines the level of coffee enjoyment that you produce
  2. After brewed, let the coffee cool by itself. Do not just put in the refrigerator and let the temperature drop by room temperature.
  3. After cool, pour the coffee drink into the ice cube tray and insert it into the refrigerator. Leave it overnight until it freezes and becomes ice coffee cubes.
  4. When the coffee has become ice cubes, put it in a glass to add the next composition.
  5. If you like coffee that feels a bit stronger and more intense, fill half of the glass with cold brew that has been brewed before. But if you like the flavors more creamy and milky, let the ice-ice cubes just like that. In a separate container, pour 1 cup full cream milk (warm) and 2-3 tablespoons cream. Mix well until the texture is foamy.
  6. Afterwards, pour the milk mixture into a glass that already contains ice-ice cubes. Ice cubes will soon melt once exposed to warm liquid milk. At this moment also the display of ice coffee and milk melting each other that looks pretty enough to be photographed. Add the milk mixture to the full or to taste.
  7. Afterwards, add with whipped cream if you like. Serve with a beautiful straw to further sweeten the appearance.

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