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Brewing coffee with warm water is common in the world of coffee, but what about cold coffee recipes? Actually, it is back to the ability and capacity of each person in presenting coffee, however the coffee will taste good whether brewed cold or hot, because as coffee lovers, we will find the magic taste of a cup of coffee. On this occasion, I want to share a cold coffee recipe called Fresh Mint Iced Coffee.

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Required :

  1. Cold brew coffee. This time we will use single origin Toraja Sapan. You can use your favorite single origin.
  2. One handful of fresh mint leaves.
  3. Fresh milk (if you like).
  4. Sugar (amount according to taste)
  5. Ice cubes to taste


How to make :

  • First, Create a cold brew coffee with your preferred single origin. Then use a cold brew coffee maker that’s easy for you.


  • To make simple syrup, Mix the mint leaves, water and sugar and then cook.


  • After that, filter the mint leaves and grab the water only. Then chill


  • Prepare the cup and insert cold brew coffee, add the mint syrup you made earlier. After that enter the milk and ice cubes.


  • Fresh mint iced coffee ready to refresh your daytime!

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