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I have an acknowledgment. My day did not start until I drank my first cup of coffee. Until that happens, I seem to be a zombie who wants to go down the street and attack everyone. Caffeine keeps me away with my day. Not just caffeine. But This is a ritual that I do every morning that gives direction on my days. Sometimes, I find myself waking up in a place without a coffee maker. Could be in a friend or family place that does not drink coffee, or when camping.

As a coffee lover, what’s your worst nightmare? I once thought of a day when I woke up with groggy, bleak eyes, no beer, drips or a machine to make my morning cup of coffee. Don’t worry I will not tell you to drink instant coffee – I’d rather leave that nightmare. This time I will open your eyes with some simple ways on how to make coffee without a coffee maker. But, before we discuss about how to make coffee without a coffee machine, we must pay attention to some things that become important elements in the process of making the coffee.

  • Don’t forget to make coffee with fresh ground beans – this is important, but I will say it again because it will make a big difference. Always use freshly ground coffee beans. You have about 15-20 minutes before your coffee beans begin to lose some of the goodness of fresh coffee beans.
  • Always use freshly roasted coffee – You’ll want a decent coffee bean that has been roasted in the last 2 weeks. This will make a big difference to the results of coffee made later.
  • The right water temperature – The exact temperature varies depending on the method of drinking your choice of coffee, but as a guide, set the water temperature to within the range of 195 – 205 degrees. A simple way to get it (without using a thermometer) by heating water for 30 seconds.

Thankfully, the fact is coffee can still be brewed without using a coffee maker. After all, people drink coffee before electricity. And in this case, the easiest way is to use a Manually Coffee Filter. A handkerchief is the best alternative to this method as it is easy to obtain and durable enough to withstand the temperature and pressure of the water poured.  How to do it?

Step 1

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First, prepare your filter. Get a clean handkerchief (or other alternative filter), then fold it into half that matches the mouth of your cup. Be sure to leave the rest of your handkerchief about two inches, which should hang on the side of your cup. Pinch the handkerchief firmly on the side of your cup. Check the tightness of the clip to make sure that the handkerchief is fixed when you pour hot water.

Step 2

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What you should do next is make coffee using pre ground beans and grind on a medium level, almost like sand. It is best to use a good quality burr grinder that gives you consistent results.

Step 3

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Once you have enough coffee that matches the size of your cup, pour the coffee powder into your filter. Give a little wobble to spread the coffee powder on the filter surface. Then, boil two glasses of water and until boiling, Let stand for thirty seconds. Then pour the water into a filter sufficient to wet the coffee.

Step 4

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When first pouring hot water you will most likely see a thin foam starting to form on top of your filter. This is called ‘blooming’, a process that indicates that your coffee is fresh and releases CO2 gases. You should to tease the grounds a little to help out the coffee drops into the cup using a spoon. After this process is complete, all coffee grounds must be completely saturated. When all the water has seeped through a handkerchief, you can carefully remove your filters and clips simultaneously.

And you have done it. If you follow the above steps and the 3 important conditions above. Then you will get coffee with the best results

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