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If you rely on coffee every morning to refresh yourself then find a fact that your coffee machine is broken can certainly be a nightmare for you. But you do not have to worry, because there are various ways for you to prepare coffee without the use of a coffee maker. Here’s a simple way you can try it at home.

If you are someone who has a lot of busyness, brewing coffee manually is a mandatory alternative as a coffee lover. The gooseneck kettle is probably the most iconic symbol of today’s contemporary manual brewing technique. The Gooseneck kettle is elegantly designed with ergonomic handles and spindle spouts that resemble a swan’s neck, making a gooseneck kettle is ideal for brewing coffee with precision. Its eye-catching looks make the gooseneck kettle is a perfect representation in the iconic of the current coffee culture.

The gooseneck kettle could minimizes the amount of water that coming out. Spout tip on a pointed gooseneck kettle is able to control the flow rate of water when poured. We need to remember that brewing coffee is a science, as well as the role of a gooseneck kettle. The Water that poured over to  the dripper will affect the extraction that occurs therein. Not just pouring water into the coffee, pour over also requires a certain technique. Both from the time of the fall of water, the rotation of water that goes down to coffee, as well as the rate and flow of water as it touches the coffee.

When should you use the Gooseneck kettle?

Before you decide to buy gooseneck kettle, make sure first what tools you often used to brew coffee without a coffee maker. If you love brewing with Aeropress or French Press, then the gooseneck kettle is not a very important thing for you to have. Syphon, cold brewer, Vietnamese Drip and Eva Solo are also manual tools that do not require gooseneck kettle function.

Another case if you like to brew coffee with pour over methods such as V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave and other pour over pouring tools. Such methods require a large gooseneck kettle role, since the end result of coffee is strongly influenced by the volume of water involving the flow rate of water and others as described above.

To assist you in obtaining a kettle that suits your needs, below we will give some kind of gooseneck kettle:

  1. Hario Kettle Buono Copper VKB-90CP
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This kettle made of copper material with the ability to withstand heat is very suitable for brewing coffee. Not only feels comfortable when used and is able to withstand the heat perfectly, this one kettle is also resistant to bacteria caused by copper material used. A simple yet elegant design, decorated with golden colors that look classy make it feasible to be an important part of your coffee maker

  1. Kalita Wave Pot 1 L Water Kettle
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Kalita Wave Pot is designed with quality stainless steel and is also equipped with a comfortable wooden handle when held. The pointed end of the channel is able to drain water thinly and even discontinuously. Assessed very effective for use in the process of brewing coffee with pour over method.

  1. Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle Electric 1.0L (BV382510V)
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This one kettle is in great demand because of its functional nature and is also very easy to use when brewing coffee. Bonavita electric kettle has a simple design but equipped with a modern temperature control. This temperature controller is very useful so you can determine the water temperature appropriately.

  1. Turkish coffee kettle (cezve)
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Or you can also choose this simple kettle. This Turkish-style coffee kettle is one of the oldest techniques in the history of brewing coffee. Before manual tools were created, the Turks had already made coffee in a special way since the fifteenth century, using a certain pot known as cezve (pronounced “jezz-va”). This coffee-making device that makes the Turks create the famous term, “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.”

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