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At the office I received a cardboard box containing the top brand La Spaziale coffee grinder which is a twin of the Macap brand of the M4 series. For the record, redesigning the grinder even espresso machine is a commonplace like the brand of Astoria in Starbucks coffee shop which no other is Mazzer Super Jolly.

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La Spazialle still let the Macap logo plastered over the bean hopper grinder cover so that consumers will instantly know that they bought the M4 type Macap brand. Below is the introduction of a grinder machine that I think is Mazzer’s main competitor, not only in terms of price, but also of additional features as a plus in addition to the ease of setting its step less system.

Before Mazzer released the Mini version with a shorter bean hopper (250 grams) of Super Jolly (1 kilogram) type, Macap was the first company to make this simple modification. This is done to fit the size of an American household cabinet that matches a bean hopper with a capacity of less than 1 kilograms which is now the standard coffee milling machine manufacturer.

Grinder Macap M4 or Top type issued by the company La Spaziale is a prosumer grade grinder means intended as the owner of espresso machines at home and for cafe purposes that want espresso extract results that can be set through the grinder setting facility.

Apparently not enough time to do shooting session and try the ability of this grinder only overnight. Apart from the limitations of this is the result of a brief review that has made me fall in love with a solid design factor (weighing only 10 kilograms).

Ease of setting, the use of slow speed motor so the sound is very smooth, and of course the price factor is cheaper than the other similar brand grinder.

This is not an in-depth review or review, but first hand look and final decision are entirely left to consumers whose needs are not the same as each other. Enjoy.

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