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Actually in Yang Chia Machine Works, Tiwan, this coffee grinder is named Feara with type 600N, but then replaced with a new title by Maharaja Coffee, Latina, maybe to make it look more sexy. The advantage of this tool, one of which can do a very smooth grind to the fond of the Turkish Coffee, and of course espresso. The speed is very impressive, just need 11 seconds for 20 grams of coffee, classmate with professional espresso grinder. This is due to the ability of the motor capable of spinning up to 2000 rpm speed.

The shape is very small with a weight of less than 4 kg with a casing made of iron. Place coffee beans made of plastic which according to specifications can accommodate a quarter kilogram of coffee beans with a cover that is not easily detached. Using a coffee-coarse callous setting system that is usually identified by numbers. The finest setting is the number 1 to number 8 for the roughest. For espresso I usually set between 1.5 to two depending on coffee, while the french press in numbers 3.5 to 5. The blade or blade is like a regular roller, but can produce a grind that is quite uniform from smooth to rough. At the bottom there is a chamber doser or a coffee milling container with a hole on it to connect with the chute.

This grinder is quite special, because in addition to speed, accuracy, lightweight, the price is much cheaper than the special grinder espresso. I do not know how long the power of his knife, but according to Maharaja Coffee, because it is intended for domestic purposes, then the change of blade will last long enough. Dosing chamber is the weak point of this grinder, because the design is less than perfect. A slight mistake, due to a hole that is too small will make the flow of coffee becomes clogged. As a result, the grinder will break down due to coffee blockage and malfunction occurs which required the replacement of the fuse. I do not use the dosing chamber and simply replace it with another place to avoid unnecessary trouble.

To use this tool simply install a bean hopper, input coffee, connect to the power, set the grind number, and push the button. The coffee will be milled with amazing speed as I mentioned above and the results are pretty consistent. Feima or Latina is one of the best sellers in Maharaja Coffee and it is not surprising because of the price factor and the performance of this tool.

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