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I would recommend this hand-grinding coffee grinder especially for those of you who have the frequency of enjoying coffee, probably no more than 2-3 cups per day. Easy to use, and system of coffee smoothing mechanisms that use “conical burr” will certainly make the consistency of coffee powder that is visible to look more uniform.

No electricity? Do not worry, a coffee grinder like Zassenhaus Guatemala does not need any stun supply, instead it gives an opportunity for upper hand muscles to work extra rotating lever more than 60 times for a cup of coffee.

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The Zassenhaus company based in Germany has issued many types of manual coffee grinders and one of them is an 8 x 8 x 17 cm dimension with a weight of almost one kilograms. Known for its quality product line, both in terms of materials used and not bored visually seen, as this type of Guatemala.

But there are always other factors that should be considered especially for those users who want portability or easy to carry. It seems that Guatemala will not fall into that category because of its impractical physical form incorporated into a small bag like messenger.

Another factor that is not less important is the ergonomic side, especially when operated. Unless the palm of your hand is very large, because I can not hold the finger wrap fully to his box-shaped body.

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So this grinder will be used when you will grind more than two cups of coffee at once as the hand will try hard to close the handle to keep the Guatemalan position stable while assisted with our body by putting it under the waist. At least that’s my experience trying Guatemala a few days yesterday.

Second is the problem of collecting coffee at the bottom that often makes the finger slip even though in the end can adjust by opening it slowly. But overall Zassenhaus Guatemala is still a very functioning coffee grinder. It is easy to set the desired level of fineness, the bearing that smooths the levers, and most importantly is its ability to produce an equivalent refinement to Turkish or the finest coffee powder.

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So it is not difficult for Guatemala to produce the powder size I use for espresso.

For whom is the Guatemalan Zassenhauss intended? I would recommend this grinder for coffee lovers who brew it occasionally in one day, one, 2, or maybe 3 times. Also for those of you who need a quality grinder from a company that already has a long experience of making a tool with a level of precision in German class.

Beautifully visual with excellent design quality, and easy to use for occasional coffee brewing and I’m sure Guatemala will not disappoint. Apart from the ergonomic problems that are only annoying in high volume usage, Zassenhaus has always been a favorite after having used the Panama type.

Finally, the other type I use is Zassenhaus Lima, better held, lightweight (600 grams), and nice to be accompanied by travel. Whatever the choice, the owner of Zassenhaus knows that the tool they use is a loyal friend who never disappoints from a company that is nearly 1.5 centuries old.

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