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Specialty Drinks

Almond Joy
Steamed Chocolate Milk, Almond Flavor, Espresso And Whip Cream
Milky Way
Steamed Chocolate Milk, Carmel Flavor, Espresso And Whip Cream
Steamed Chocolate Milk, Choc Peanut Butter Flavor, Espresso And Whip Cream
Turtle Latte
Steamed Milk, Chocolate And Carmel Flavors, Espresso And Whip Cream
Rum Runner
Espresso, Two Shots Of Butter Rum Flavor And Steamed Chocolate Milk
Nutty Irishman
Steamed Chocolate Milk, Espresso, Irish Cream And Hazelnut Flavor, Whip Cream
McGilla Gorilla
Latte with banana and coconut flavor topped with whipped cream.
Latte with chocolate peanut butter flavor, caramel, vanilla flavor and whipped cream.
Banana Fudge Royal
Mochaccino with banana flavor topped with whipped cream
Hawaiian Chocolate
Latte with Macadamia nut and chocolate flavor topped with whipped cream.

Moo Cow
Steamed Milk, Chocolate And Vanilla Flavors, Espresso
Hazelnut Bliss
Latte hazelnut and vanilla flavor topped with whipped cream.
Coffee toddy with your choice of flavor served over ice topped with whipped cream.
Raspberry Truffle
Mochaccino with raspberry flavor and topped with whipped cream.
Chai Charger
Chai With A Shot Of Espresso
Buck Shot
A Tall Cup Of Coffee With A Shot Of Espresso
Mochacciono with toasted marshmellow flavor and whipped cream.
Franks Special
Latte with 2 shots of espresso, caramel flavor and whipped cream
Caramel Overload
Hot Chocolate with caramel flavor and whipped cream.
Nutty Frenchman
Latte with hazelnut and vanilla flavor
Death by Chocolate
Chocolate toddy with chocolate flavored and whipped cream.

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