Welcome to our Coffee House

Welcome to Sips Coffeehouse: Your Cozy Corner in Mt Vernon!

Discover a world of aromatic coffee, scrumptious breakfast, and hearty meals at Sips Coffeehouse. Nestled in the heart of Mt Vernon, we invite you to enjoy our carefully crafted beverages and meals in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Whether you're here for a quick coffee to go, a hearty meal, or catering for your special events, we promise a delightful experience.

Discover Your Brew at Sips Coffeehouse

Immerse yourself in a realm where coffee meets comfort. At Sips Coffeehouse, every sip takes you on a journey from the bustling streets of Mt Vernon to the serene coffee farms across the globe.

Our curated selection of beverages and freshly prepared meals are more than just a treat to your taste buds—they’re a gateway to a world where tradition and modernity coalesce. Your cozy corner in Mt Vernon awaits with a warm mug and inviting aromas.


Our classic espresso blend, bold and rich, perfect to kickstart your day.



A smooth, well-balanced coffee with a hint of nutty flavors.



Indulge in the dark roast with a smoky aroma and a chocolatey finish.



A mild, light roast coffee offering a sweet, subtle flavor with every sip.


Your Ideal Coffee Haven

Embrace the blend of cozy ambiance, exquisite brews, and heartfelt hospitality at Sips Coffeehouse.

Our dedication to quality and community has brewed a unique coffee culture that stands a pour above the rest.

Stay Connected

Enjoy free high-speed Wi-Fi while you sip on your favorite brew.

Relax in Comfort

Our cozy seating, both indoors and in our outdoor bistro sets, invites you to relax and savor every moment.

Serenity Awaits

Experience tranquility with our peaceful ambiance, perfect for unwinding.

Warm Welcomes

Begin your visit with a complimentary welcome drink, a taste of our hospitality.

Fresh Brews on the Block


Your personal coffee blend, crafted to suit your taste buds.



A perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and froth to kickstart your day.


Voices from Our Community

Fresh Brews and News

Stay updated with the latest happenings and special offers at Sips Coffeehouse. From new brews hitting the menu to exciting events, there’s always something brewing here.

Get notified for latest news & offers.

Indulge in Authenticity

Explore the essence of real taste as we take you on a visual journey through our coffee world. Watch our introductory video to delve deeper into the heart of Sips Coffeehouse.

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Connect with Sips Coffeehouse

Drop us a line or swing by our cozy coffeehouse. We’d love to hear from you!

Address :

101 S Main St, Mt Vernon, Ohio 43050

Phone & Email:

[email protected]

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday : 7AM – 7PM ​
Saturday : 7:30AM – 5PM
Sunday : Closed

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